3 Essential Tools For the Network Marketer

You can’t build a house without a hammer and nails, so why would you think you can effectively build a network marketing business without the proper tools?


Here is a brief explanation of the 3 tools I consider essential for every network marketing business…
  • A Blog

    A blog is an important tool for the network marketer for the following reasons:..Establishes your authority
    ..Can be used to capture email addresses
    ..Can be used to advertise or spotlight opportunities
    ..Can get traffic just by using simple SEO techniques

    Rjsathome Blog

  • Lead Capture Page

    A lead capture page is a web page that generally contains some form of advertisement for your product or service and a Lead Capture Form. Visitors to your page fill out the form which then adds them to your email list. Many lead capture pages will also offer visitors a free gift in exchange for completing the form.

    RjsatHome At

  • Autoresponder

    The primary function of an autorepsonder is to mail your email list. You can send various types of mailings including new blog posts and special offers. An autoresponder is essential for maintaining open communication with your list and potential customers. A good autoresponder program will also have the tools necessary to create lead capture forms and pages.

RjsatHome Email

Once you have these tools in place, a simple formula to use in your business on a regular basis is as follows:

  1. Advertise your Lead Capture Page as much as possible to begin building your list
  2. Publish your blog articles
  3. Mail your list letting them know you have a new blog post to view
  4. List members go to your blog to read the article
  5. While on your blog, potential customers have the opportunity to view your products and services
  6. Email your list from time to time with other special offers
  7. Rinse and repeat

You can get a free trial of the system I use everyday for blogging, lead capture pages, autoresponder and customer manager by clicking the link below… 

Click Here for My Recommended System

What tools are you using in your network marketing business?

To Your Success,


Bob Swetz

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