Honey I Got Too Many Links In Here

Are you still trying to build your network marketing business by spamming links in Facebook groups?

It’s time to stop! Let me explain…

There are hundreds, even thousands of businesses being offered online ever day. I see it on Facebook and Google+ and other Social Media venues all the time the moment I log on.

“Join Me”

“Click Here and Make Your First $1,000 by Friday”

“This Business Will Make You Rich, Click Below”

“Join My Business Now, What are You Waiting For”

I could fill up pages with these.

Have you ever looked through the Facebook group pages to see just how many of those posts go un-liked and un-clicked?

Here’s why. Speaking for myself, I am looking to enter into business with real people that I know, like and who have business and personal values that are similar to mine. There is no way I can possibly know that by just clicking on a link to an online program. I think this also speaks for the vast majority of marketers out there, whether you realize it or not. And to be quite honest, if you want to be successful, you better start realizing it.

The other thing is, you can enter into a program today and it may be gone tomorrow. If you build solid relationships, you can move successfully from one program to the next with your partners and ultimately build an online portfolio that will last a lifetime. You must develop personally as you build your network. The money will come in due time.

RjsatHome Crazy Face1

So, the reason I post pics of my son packing his college dorm room, crazy face pics with my boys, my adorable nieces and nephews, or the view from my deck on vacation is that I want you to get to know me, learn a little about me, know that I am a real person who does real things. I would also like to connect with you and learn who you are, your values, dreams, and ambitions. 

If our values and the way we want to do business are a match, then we can get together and move forward. Then I say, let’s make some money together.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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