Are You a Robot?

Am I Talking to a Real Person?

I have gotten this question at least a dozen times on Twitter this week. My answer is always the same, “Of course I’m real person.”

This has made made me do a lot of thinking about the use of automation by internet marketers on social media. So, let’s get one thing out of the way right now…

Many successful internet marketers use automation software!

It is almost impossible to reach the kinds of numbers necessary to have a successful online business without it, especially if network marketing is not your primary business or job. However, I believe the appropriate and responsible use of automation tells us something about the integrity of the marketer.

My personal opinion is that automation is acceptable if used as a tool to make the initial contact with a prospect. Beyond that, it’s time to put the software away and pick up the phone (or the keyboard) and open the lines of personal communication.

RjsatHome Phone

This is where I also get frustrated with the big social media giants, because I know that those marketing with integrity and honesty are using these methods. So why do they get so worked up about people using software to post? Ahh, because there are always those who abuse the system, I almost forgot.  Isn’t that always the way, a few people ruining everything for the rest. Ok, let me get back on track…

What is wrong with making an initial contact via automation to see if there is interest?

Once you find common ground with a prospect, then you MUST communicate directly. Frankly, it’s the only way to build a relationship and make a sale anyway. Could you imagine trying to carry on an automated conversation with a human being on the other end? Check that, I’m sure someone out there has tried to do it, but that’s not for me.

The bottom line still remains that developing personal relationships and building your network of real, live people on social media is the best way to build your business.  This takes time, effort, hard work and integrity. People want to get to know you before doing business with you. Not even the most sophisticated software program ever developed can take the place of the real you.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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