How Do You Select The Right Autoresponder?

How do you choose the right autoresponder for your network marketing business?

Did you know that if you search the word “autoresponder” doesn’t exist? So, a quick search on revealed this definition…

RjsatHome Autoresponder2

One step further though in network marketing is that the response is generally geared to a particular email list and not just the email account itself. The concept is simple, a prospect fills out a capture form that is connected to a specific list within your autoresponder. Once this “opt-in” is complete, the sign up automatically triggers an email to be sent to the prospect.

An autoresponder is an important tool that many network marketers use in their business everyday, which is why selecting the right one is extremely important. Not to mention, you want to make this choice once and try to stick with it. The reason for this is that as you begin to build your list of prospects, it may be difficult to move that list from one autoresponder to another.

Here are some of the most important features to look for as you are making your selection…

  • Does the autoresponder let you import leads? This is important if you are trying to move a list into this new service.
  • Does the service allow you to have an unlimited number of lists?
  • Is the autoresponder network marketing friendly? This is very important!
    • Some services do not allow affiliate links because they consider them to be spam
  •  Is there a limit on the number of subscribers? If so, what are the tiers in terms of price?
  • Does the service offer customizable lead capture forms and pages?
  • Can you call or text prospects from within the autoresponder?
  • Does the service have a detailed CRM system that allows you to keep notes and action items for each prospect?
  • Does the autoresponder offer a high rate of email deliverability?
  • Does the service offer comprehensive statistics you can use to analyze your results?

 I have intimate experience with 2 autoresponders that I would like to share with you…


MailerLite is a free autoresponder for up to 1,000 subscribers. One great thing about this service is that there are no limitations to the features as a free member. Once you grow to over 1,000 list members they have affordable monthly subscriptions. Here are just some of the features available with your “Forever Free” subscription:

Lead Import, Unlimited Lists, Network Marketing Friendly, Customizable Capture Forms & Capture Pages and Comprehensive Statistics

RjsatHome Mailerlite

Click Here to Learn More About MailerLite

Kalatu Cloud

Kalatu Cloud (KC) does not offer a free standalone service. Subscription to the Kalatu Cloud is included for no additional charge with the Total Shortcut System. Just one of the great features of KC is a feature rich Customer Resource Management (CRM) system not found with traditional autosubscribers. KC also includes the ability to call or text prospects right from within the service. Here are some of the other great features of Kalatu Cloud…

Lead Import, Unlimited Lists, Network Marketing Friendly, Customizable Capture Forms & Capture Pages, Comprehensive Statistics, Predefined Campaigns for the Total Shortcut, Social Media Campaigns and Video Marketing

RjsatHome KalatuCloud

Click Here to Learn More About Kalatu Cloud

There are many other autoresponder services on the market today, some are free and some are paid. The services outlined here have been tested and approved by your’s truly so I can personally attest to their quality and value. Remember this is not a decision to take lightly. For a tool that you will use nearly everyday, a comprehensive list of features and dependability should be your primary concerns.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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