A Fish Without a Parachute

Sometimes fish need to ‘repopulate’ a lake, or stream…

…so fisherman will take a school of fish from one place, and bring them to another.

Get this… Fish are brought to their new home via crop dusting type planes. The pilot drops down till he’s about 200 feet over that lake, and then drops those fish right out of a chute, like a World War II bomber.

The fish ‘skydive’ 200 feet, without a parachute, flap into the water, and find their new home.

This is sort of like what happens to entrepreneurs… first, you have a goal, then you jump in (without a parachute), finally you start swimming.

But what happens when the water you hit is ice cold and you find yourself nearing death and disappointment?

That is what today’s episode is all about!

Click Here for Today’s Shortcut

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