Bad Tactics Part 1

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to building your network on social media. Thank’s to my good friend Carla Moody Rogers of Farmgirl Networking for this valuable information…

Bad Tactics Part 1

By Carla Moody Rogers

Almost every network marketer wants to see others succeed. With their good intentions and lack of good consistent training, some things that seem like a good idea really are harming their chances.

One activity that new marketers are trained to do is to comment on each others posts. While this will boost the post, these types of comments, to a casual observer, can be seen as comments from a potential customer, which is dishonest. Commenting on each other’s posts requesting more information, asking for private messages, and posing as someone interested to generate more interest helps in the short run, but is very short sighted.

This tactic is used by people with no true leadership skill or understanding of business or a lack of training.

A stronger approach is one that builds individual posters’ brand, not their company. Your approach should be to make the individual more memorable, not the products.

Here are some tips.

  • Use their names sometimes. For example, “Look at John Smith! I can’t wait to see where this journey leads you.”
  • Mention something you know about the person. For example, “A leader of value with a company of value!”
  • Mention if you are busy in a promotional way. For example, “You should have told me sooner! I’m busy with another team right now. PM anyway so we can catch up.”
  • Inspiration. For example, “You are rocking this promotion.”
  • Talk about how inspirational they are, how fast they are growing. Highlight some of what that person teaches.
  • Share stuff from them.
  • If you are geographically close, have an evening out with them. Take pictures with comments like “One on one leadership meeting with ______. This is what happens when powerful people get together to discuss strategy.”
  • These comments and activities build leadership credibility in the public eye. It makes your friend, the poster, more likely to be remembered.

Don’t forget, this is what your Network Team is for, not always your Network Marketing Team.

Remember your Network Team is made up of people from different companies. So when your Network Team starts promoting each other in this way, it brings more leadership credibility, since the comments aren’t coming all from the same company. If you can train your company Network Marketing Team to do this too, everyone is more likely to succeed.

To check out Part 2 of Carla’s article, click on the link below…


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