Make Money with Search Engine Optimization

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If you are not paying attention to SEO on your website or blog you are really missing a huge opportunity. Today’s article was written by my great friend and SEO Expert, Saima Ather.

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Make Money with Search Engine Optimization

By Saima Ather

Search engine optimization is one of the best online money making professions. There are many online jobs like data entry jobs, content writing jobs, freelancing affiliate marketing and the most important thing running an affiliate marketing blog, SEO and many others. But in this post you ‘ll learn about SEO. How can you make online earnings with search engine optimization. If you are educated and can read and learn through blogs, videos and emails of some experts by subscribing them or join a training center for SEO you can understand search engine optimization and after some regular learning and working with SEO you can earn money as a freelancer.


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What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization means to optimize the web pages of  a site/blog/service in search engines and optimization should be so planned that viewers on the internet could easily come to your site/blog/page on specific keywords which you have to choose. So the main purpose of SEO is to increase sales on your blog/web site/page.

home business seo main


Today the time is of digital marketing and mostly people search on the internet when they need something. Whether they buy or enjoy or just read or learn they use internet. Search engine optimization makes your site/blog/page more visible and high ranked so that more visitors come there and reach to your call to action button.

How search engine optimization is an online money making job?

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The Importance of SEO increases more and more  when we come to know the importance of digital marketing. So we can say that success of online marketing is proportional to SEO.

Today there are very high prices for an SEO company/service and if you learn this technical and professional skill you can make a good earning at your own office or home.

But there are also technical work of web development related to SEO. So you must need the help of a web developer with you for your SEO work or you can build a company with some experts in web development and content writing (content writing is the key of SEO).


I appreciate those who can do these all services by there own. Congratulations! If you can do this, you can earn more than $1000/month easily.

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Top ten factors of SEO

SEO requires many expertise and technical skills but the top 10 important factors in this profession are:

  • Keyword research
  • Title tags
  • Meta tags
  • Headings
  • Backlinks
  • Social sharing
  • Page redirection
  • Analyze of competitor site
  • Use of google search console
  • Use of google analytics

Make money with SEO

So if you are passionate and want to make online money, learn search engine optimization and earn a lot of money.

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