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5 Ways to Get Your Website Visitors to Come Back

If you run an eCommerce website, you may be wondering how you can get your customers and website visitors to come back again after they’ve visited for the first time.

Guest Blogger Max Greene

It could be that they were interested in your products and didn’t have time to buy from you, or that they were researching your business for a future date. What matters is that every one of your website visitors is a potential customer, so you should do everything you can to get them to come back. Here’s how…

1. Give them a discount

Limited-time discounts and coupon codes can be a great way to get people to come back to your website, especially if they’re price-conscious customers who were shopping around for cheaper alternatives. You can offer this discount in the form of an email, on social media or as a pop-up the first time they leave your website.

 2. Start blogging

There are a wide range of benefits of content marketing for small businesses, especially for eCommerce websites with fierce competition. Create style guides, how-tos and the latest news and information from your industry, and you’ll quickly position your business as an authority figure. What’s important is consistency and quality – a weekly blog post that offers value to customers will be much more effective than a daily post of watered-down content. Check out Start an Online Business Blog to get started quick.

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 3. Get their email address

According to data at The Drum, the average email address is worth an incredible £84.50. So, if you can get customers to hand over their address in exchange for a discount or newsletter then you should do it. From there, you’ll be able to promote your business with a weekly newsletter, promoting new products and special offers. It’s the modern alternative to a catalog or newspaper advertisement, and when you get it right, it works.

4. Use social media

Your social media strategy should reflect your business and help you stand out from the competition. Otherwise, why would potential customers follow you? Use your social media channels to post engaging, valuable content, whether that’s style guides, memes or videos, and always link back to your website to get people to browse through your products. You could even try out Facebook advertising to reach users outside of your network.

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5. Make your pages longer

Every page on your website should be valuable and comprehensive. Instead of cutting down your pages to the minimum possible length, pack them with useful information such as product details, sizing and commonly asked questions. Not only does this increase the length of your pages (which is valuable for SEO), but it encourages people to bookmark your content and come back later to read more.

We’ve put together just five of the best ways to get visitors to come back to your website, but there’s certainly more to consider. Think about advertising, adding a community forum, enabling comments, running limited time promotions, offering seasonal specials and more.


Of course it is extremely important to get new website visitors, but keeping them coming back for more is equally essential. Follow these 5 steps and you will be on the right track.

About the Author

Max Greene is the Managing Director of Muffin Marketing, a marketing agency specializing in content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

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