How to Attract New Customers and Keep Them
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How to Attract New Customers and Keep Them

This question is as important to businesses today as it was hundreds of years ago: How do I attract new customers and keep them?

One of my bosses from a long time ago told me this, “My best customers are the ones that took the longest to acquire.”

That one sentence has stuck with me for more than 20 years, probably because it is true. In network marketing and building an online business the answer to attracting new customers and keeping them for the long-run is…

Build Relationships and Provide Value!


I met one of my mentors and current business partner Kelly DeStafano on Facebook about a year ago. We talked off and on for quite some time about each other’s business and began to build a relationship and friendship. I actually approached Kelly at one point and said “Hey, you should join my business so we can work together.” Kelly responded that she was flattered but was very happy with what she was doing. It’s important to note here that our friendship on Facebook didn’t end after that. We continued to chat from time to time until one day, I was ready to do something different. Yep, I actually approached Kelly about joining her business and the rest is history.

If Kelly had dismissed me after my first approach we would not be in business together today. I would have lost a great mentor and friend and she would have lost a customer and great friend too.

The timing was right for me because of what was going on in my life and in my online business. I joined MLSP with Kelly and now am an important part of her network to stay. Another mentor from a very long time ago told me that in business you must always build relationships and stay close to your potential customers so that when they are ready to buy you will be the first one they turn to. This couldn’t be more true than in my relationship with Kelly.

Lesson 1 about how to attract new customers and keep them in network marketing is…

Build real relationships, foster them and cherish them. If someone chooses not to do business with you, that’s OK, build the relationship and continue to build your network with good people you know and like. One day when they are ready, they may just decide to do business with you. Until then, you have made a good friend and you can never have too many of those. Check out Are You Building a Quality Business Network?

Provide Value

This is something I always knew but never really understood fully until joining MLSP. In MLSP we talk a lot about “Attraction Marketing.” Just like it sounds, Attraction Marketing is about attracting potential customers to you, not the other way around. You do this by constantly providing value to your target market. When customers are attracted to you, they want to work with you, build a relationship with you and consequently tend to stick around for a long time. Note that with this type of marketing it’s not about making the next sale, it’s about building the next relationship.

You can provide value to your target market in many ways. Here are a few of the ways I provide value to my target market:

  1. Blogging – I use my blog for my online consulting business. I always try to provide information and education about the world of network marketing and home business.
  2. Social Media Posts – I post daily on various social sites. Sometimes I am selling, but most times I am posting about articles or other information that provide educational value to my friends and followers. I also do a free Twitter Challenge on Facebook.
  3. Email Newsletters – I email my subscribers at least once a week with some type of valuable content. This may be free training opportunities, videos or even webinars.
  4. Free Training – I am always offering free training to my target market. This training comes in the form of my own Facebook live posts, blog articles, videos or webinars.

So, lesson 2 about how to attract new customers and keep them in network marketing is…

Once your audience sees you are willing to provide value to them without asking for anything in return, they will naturally be attracted to you (as a business person.)

I hope you got value from this article today and that it will truly help you to attract new customers. If so, please share.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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