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Best Social Media Tools for Social Media Marketing

Once you decide that you want to market your business on social media, it’s important that you select the best social media tools to manage your marketing plan.

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You Need to Start with a Plan

I recommend checking out my eBook Creating Your Social Media Marketing Plan for Maximum ResultsCreating your personal Social Media Marketing Plan is an important and necessary part of promoting a business online. ​ Don’t waste your valuable time on social media by haphazardly posting random content and hoping to get lucky. There’s a better way.  ​A good social media marketing plan should be comprised of the following minimum components:

  1. Goals & Objectives
  2. Defining Your Ideal Customer
  3. Selecting the Proper Social Media Sites
  4. Developing Valuable Content
  5. Posting & Interacting

In my book, I describe each step in detail, so check that out and then come back here.

So, What are the Best Social Media Tools to Carry Out Your Plan?

The tools you will use really come into play in points 4 and 5 of the steps listed above for a good social media marketing plan. So let’s focus on those. You will see that some of the best social media tools are helpful for more than one purpose.

Developing Valuable Content

Content for purposes of your social media strategy can take several forms. This can be a blog article you write, an eBook, simple ad copy you write, content you find, or content written on your behalf.

There are 3 tools I use for developing content:

  1. Beacon
  2. Post Planner


I use Beacon to create and host my eBooks. Beacon calls them “Lead Magnets.” With Beacon, you can easily create a professional lead magnet in less than 10 minutes without any prior experience. By the way, once I create a book with Beacon, I use to create the covers. Both are free to use! Here is an example of an eBook and cover I created…

15-Minute Twitter Strategy

Post Planner

You will never run out of ideas for things to post with Post Planner. Their recommendation engine analyzes content across the web to identify top-performing content that will resonate with your audience. You simply go to the Find page and select a subject area and Post Planner will return a ton of content for you to choose from. Just click and post and you are done.’s Content tab lets you choose from Top Tweets or Top Articles to share. All you do is browse the list and click on the item you want to share. automatically adds it to the best slot on your schedule and posts it for you. You can also find great content to share in pretty much any area of the interface, sharing is very simple and easy to do.

Posting & Interacting

Number 1 on my list for posting is Post Planner. First of all, you can get a nice plan for as low as $3 per month and they have a 30-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As for the features, their “Find” feature is amazing for finding top content to post when you just don’t have anything of your own. You will never run out of ideas. Their recommendation engine analyzes content across the web to identify top-performing content that will resonate with your audience. I also love the “Recycle” feature. Once you build up a few weeks of posts, you can begin to recycle them, which means Post Planner will fill these posts into the next available slot on your schedule. This way, your queue is never empty and you are always posting. I don’t recommend it for Facebook, but it works great for Twitter.

Post Planner Banner

Number 1 on my list for interaction and engagement is Now this only works well for Twitter. To be honest I haven’t found anything I like for interaction on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. I don’t think you really need a tool for those sites as the pace is much slower than on Twitter. does offer a limited free account as well as a 14-Day Risk Free Trial.

Now for Twitter, you can’t beat I love the Dashboard feature that gives me a plan for each day’s activity, how many to follow, retweet, etc. Then, each section shows me just who to interact with and how I should do that. They also have a feature that allows you to schedule posts at the “best time.” I use this to schedule all my mentions and retweets with 1 click. Plus I save a ton of time.

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Communit Stats

Remember, you need the right tools to run a business, but no one ever said you have to spend a ton of money. I use the tools in this article everyday to run my business and spend less than $20 per month.

If you have questions or want to dig deeper into this topic, drop a comment below.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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