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Email List Building [30 Minute Challenge]

Start building your personal email list in 30 minutes or less!

Email list building is still one of most effective ways to grow any business. According to the SalesHub article Is Email Marketing Dead?…

With the rise and proliferation of inbound marketing tactics, many companies are finding that email is not only an important part of their strategies, but that it is also one of the most effective. The days of spam are long over (did spam ever work?) and the rise of targeted, opt-in email marketing is proving to be a healthy contributor to a company’s overall success.

This challenge will help you get started within 30 minutes and will last 30 days. You can make it through the entire 30 days without spending a dime, so you have nothing to lose.

We will not be spending time working with fancy software or tricks, we are just going to get down to the basics of list building and get you up and running quickly. Click To Tweet

Once you complete the initial steps, you will have created your very first AutoResponder Campaign complete with your followup letters and hosted capture page and be well on your way to professional email list building, all in 30 minutes or less!

Make sure you go all the way to the end of this article because the next step will be getting traffic to your hosted capture page. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Once you have taken the steps to build your list, you will be ready to build on your knowledge to create targeted lists for any offer you have in mind!

Ready to get started with the Email List Building Challenge?

If you already have a account, log in to your back office, if not, click the banner below to open an account and start a free 30 day trial…

email_marketing TW

Next Step to Your Email List Building Challenge

Follow the specific step-by-step instructions in the Blog…

Click Here ==> 30 Minute Email List Building Challenge

IMPORTANT: Once you complete the section on creating your hosted capture page come back here to continue.

Let’s Review…

Click “Capture Pages/Forms” then Select “Hosted Capture Pages”

You will see a new screen that includes your new Hosted Capture Page URL.

hosted capture link

Make a note of this URL. This is the URL you will use in the next phase where we begin driving traffic to your capture page to begin building your list of subscribers!

Click on the magnifying glass next to the URL and make sure your page looks like this on the top. If not, go back through the steps above…

capture page top

So far, you have created a new Autoresponder campaign, retrieved letters designed to follow up with your subscribers, and created a Hosted Capture Page that will be used to capture name and email from your visitors that also want to learn how to build their own targeted email marketing lists.

Your capture page is offering a free guide (this guide) to list building. Your letters are set up to show prospects how to get started using this guide and will be directing them to open their 30 Day Free Trial account by going to your Affiliate URL to register.

As they follow these same steps, they will be opening a new account with you as their referrer. When they see how effective this system is, it just makes sense that they will want to upgrade and that means you will begin receiving commissions on that sales volume!

So let’s get to our next step in the email list building challenge: Driving Traffic.

Driving traffic is going to be your primary focus from this point forward. Getting visitors to your capture page is how they will learn of the opportunity to learn more from you. In this case, they are going to learn how to get started building their own email marketing lists.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Free promotion on social media:

Post this on your Facebook Profile:

I am participating in a FREE 30 Minute List Building Challenge!

If you have ever wondered how to build your own targeted email marketing list, I highly recommend you try this free 30 Minute List Building Challenge! It’s FREE, they show us how to set it all up, and we get to keep the leads!

[your capture page URL]

Post this on your twitter account:

Free 30 Minute List Building Challenge!
[your capture page URL]

So far, in just the past few minutes, you have:

  • Created a New AutoResponder Campaign
  • Set up follow up letters
  • Created a Capture Page
  • Promoted that Capture Page

That’s a strong start and I’m willing to bet you got all that done in less than 30 minutes!

You are really just getting started. Moving forward, there will be a lot more work to do for driving traffic. That is how you will really begin to see your list building flourish.

These same basic steps can be used to create any autoresponder campaign. You will, of course, create your letters for your other campaigns based on whatever that offer is but the basic setup for your campaign, capture page, etc… will be the same.

Be sure to check your email over the next 30 days for continued training and support tips on driving traffic to your capture page and more advanced tips on how to integrate capture forms in to your own web site or blog, how to manage your subscriber lists, check open rates, and more!

Next Step to Your Email List Building Challenge

It’s time to step up the promotion of your capture page URL. Check out the following articles to get yourself off to a quick start. This is going to require some effort, but you can do it!

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Please do post any comments or questions below. We love to hear about your success stories and your challenges!

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

Email Marketing

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