Start an Online Business Blog

Start an Online Business Blog

Getting Started with Managed WordPress

The first thing you need to start an Online Business Blog is is a place to host and manage your blog. For this project we will be using Managed WordPress with 1&1 IONOS Hosting.

There are many alternatives for a Managed WordPress installation. I chose 1&1 IONOS because it is affordable and reliable.  According to “If you’re looking for a feature-rich, affordable web host, 1&1 offers a wide array of packages, including shared, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), WordPress, and dedicated hosting.” and “…it’s a web host that newbies may want to consider, thanks to its good customer support and easy-to-use website creation tools.” I needed to find something for this project that would work well for everyone and I think 1&1 fits the bill nicely. I currently have 2 blogs hosted by 1&

So, when you are ready, click the banner below to get started. Then, once you are at the 1&1 Hosting Page, select the Managed WordPress Basic Package…

One final note on why we are using Managed WordPress as opposed to a blog from or even some other free blogging host like Google’s Blogger. Yes, you can get a free blog with free hosting including some pretty decent features, however you will be limiting yourself regarding the options and plugins you have available to incorporate into your blog. Plus, you will not have a custom domain name with any of these services. In the next section, you will learn the importance of a great, custom domain name.

Pick a domain

Next you will be asked you to choose your free domain.

Be careful in making this selection, because this will be the address your readers use to find your blog, and it’s difficult to change once you are up and running. You want it to be something meaningful that speaks to the purpose of your blog. You also want to keep your personal brand in mind when selecting a domain. You can think of your personal brand as how your potential customers see you in the marketplace. For additional information on personal branding, see The 3 Irrefutable Laws of Building a Personal Brand, by Brian Fanale. For additional information on choosing a domain name, see Starting a Blog: The Definitive Guide to Set Your Blog up For Success, by James Finale.

Once you have settled on a potential domain name, enter your first choice like the example above, and hit “Check.” If you are successful 1&1 will let you know your choice is available. If not, try again or select one of the suggested options.

When you are happy with your domain name, hit “Continue” to complete the checkout process.Keep hitting “Continue” until you get to the final page to Create a New Account. You do not need to make any extra selections. If you have done it properly, your total due should be $11.88 (as of the date of this article.)

Check your email and make sure to confirm any requests from 1and1.

Important! You will probably get a lot of emails about getting help with your website, etc. Just delete them!

Getting Your Managed WordPress Set Up

Once you have your account you should do a couple things right away…

  • Log into your 1& Control Panel
  • On the left hand side click on WordPress 1&1 App Center
    • Then click on the WordPress Symbol and “Install”
    • Give your blog a title and hit “Create Website”
    • Create your WordPress login information and continue
    • Select Managed WordPress on the next page
    • Once your installation is successful select the option to “Connect Domain” on the right hand side and select your domain you created at the beginning of this step.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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