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My name is Bob Swetz. I am a native of Pennsylvania, US and have lived there all my life. I have a beautiful wife and 5 boys. By the end of this summer, we will have 2 married and 3 still in college. I am the founder of Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz, an online network marketing company.

Many people struggle to make money from home which is why I decided that I wanted to help normal people to get started down a successful path to online earning.

I love to help people reach their goals. It’s probably what I enjoy most. In that regard, I cam up with 2 ways I have to help the average person get started and succeed online. The first is with the Start an Online Business Blog. This blog is a step by step walk through designed for anyone that wants to start blogging as a way to promote their online (or offline) business. I take you through signing up for a WordPress account, which includes choosing a URL that suits your business, and even how to select a theme. From there, each article builds to the point where you will have a successful and potentially profitable blog that is now published in no time. I also walk readers through setting up an email marketing program, or autoresponder. Using this program you can capture leads from your blog and begin to build an email list of potential buyers for your product or service. Start an Online Business Blog also offers a Members Only Area that includes private articles for members to enhance their blog and online business, as well as direct access to me for coaching and guidance.

The second way I help folks who are trying to make money online is by providing daily education, personal development and tips galore on my Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz site (this just so happens to be the site you are on now.) Here you will find all kinds of articles related to building a business online.  These articles range from email marketing to lead capture, social media networking, SEO techniques and much more. You will also find tons of useful tools that will help you build your business, ranging from in-depth training to digital marketing and social media management. I also encourage visitors join me in My Lead System Pro, which is an Elite Money Making Team, designed to help pretty much anyone to make money from home using proven techniques and methods from top industry experts.

For anyone who is trying to make money from home or who is struggling with an online home business, I truly recommend you spending some time on one or both of these sites. The information and guidance provided comes mostly from my years of experience in finding out what does and does not work. I also provide knowledge and guidance that anyone can understand and implement to begin to make money from home using online methods such as blogging and email marketing.

I hope you found value in this information, if so I encourage you to share it.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz

Ready to Get Started? Use the link below to get to my Blogging Site with one click. Then, come back here to Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz once you are up and running.

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Home Business Online w/Bob Swetz

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