Monetize a Blog in 5 Steps

How to Monetize a Blog in 5 Steps [New]

Do you want to make money in the world of profitable blogging? Are you itching to become one of those 6-figure bloggers that you’ve heard so much about?

If so, you’ll want to read every single word in this special article on how to monetize a blog. I’m going to show you 5-Steps on exactly how you can join the ranks of those who have cultivated a following of regular buyers through a network of highly-targeted blogs.

I’ve eliminated the clutter and time-consuming work-around so that I can take you deep into the heart of successful blogging without over-complicating the process, or forcing you through a long, drawn out learning curve.

Because the truth is; it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Making money with carefully crafted niche blogs isn’t all that difficult to do. In fact, if you are looking for a fast and easy way to set up shop so that you can start to make money online without a great investment, blogging is the way to go.

Creating high-quality blogs in your niche or industry that generate traffic, and provide valuable content and information to your market is also one of the most effective methods of building a presence of authority and establishing yourself within your industry so incredible profit margins aside; blogging puts you in a great position within your market.

And guess what? The best part about this strategy is that it’s also exceptionally easy to do and is very cost effective. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to set up a blog. In fact, the majority of work will involve your time – not your dollars.

So, without further delay – let’s jump right in!

The 5-Step Formula on How to Monetize a Blog

While there are countless reports and articles that overcomplicated the process of making money with blogging, here’s a basic overview of how it’s done:

  1. Create a blog and register a memorable domain. Avoid remotely hosted options. You need to be in full control of your website so you can take advantage of all the different revenue options with no limitations (or other people’s advertisements).
  2. Write (or outsource) killer content that will generate traffic and drive visitors in. This content needs to be extremely high-quality, targeted and informative. All meat, no veggies.
  3. Convert your visitors into email subscribers so you can build your list. A newsletter is key in building a successful blog online. Scratch that; a newsletter is essential to be successful in nearly ANY market online. You will never make as much money without one.
  4. Communicate with those subscribers regularly so your lists don’t run cold. Build rapport and trust.  Nurture relationships with your market.  This is where you can build a recognized brand as an authority in your market and set yourself apart from the competition (especially those bloggers who aren’t doing this!).
  5. Sell products and services to your audience via your blog and through your newly cultivated newsletter.

Step 1: Creating Your Blog

Obviously I won’t get very far with showing you how to monetize a blog if you don’t have one. This article is focused primarily on how to make money with your blog, so I won’t go into detail about building the platform. Just know that you should always choose a memorable domain that is targeted to your market and that you set up a professional hosting account that houses your blog. Don’t use a free host or a remotely hosted option like Blogger. If you need help getting started I recommend you check out Start an Online Business Blog which will take you through the process step by step.

Step 2: Creating Content for Your Blog

The type of content you create will depend on your target audience, but every piece of content should always be informative and the juiciest, most relevant topic you can come up with.

Your content will be what drives in traffic and keeps visitors returning to your blog. It needs to establish your blog as an informative source of content in your market so make sure you spend extra time crafting compelling content (or outsource to experienced writers who know your market inside and out).

See How to Write a Blog Post Visitors Want to Read

Step 3: Convert Your Visitors

This is a crucial step in how to monetize a blog, but first you need visitors. Check out Lead Generation Marketing on Social Media as one way to attract visitors.

You need to always be working towards building your list. This is a process you can set up on autopilot by using on-site opt in forms that capture visitor’s information and add them to your mailing list. Programs like SendPulse make it easy to add visitors to your list.


Offer an incentive to those who join your lists such as providing them with a special report not available anywhere else on your blog, or special offers and discounts on products and services. Always over-deliver, and start off easy. Don’t inundate your subscribers with paid offers right away – build rapport with them first and let them know you are looking out for their best interests. A good place to get started with incentives you can brand and make your own is the Lead Magnet Power Pack.

Step 4: Communicate With Your Subscribers

Set up autoresponder campaigns that will broadcast different valuable offers and freebies to your subscribers over time. I personally set up an introduction/welcome email to go out to my subscribers as soon as they join my list.

Then, 2-3 days later, I have another automated email go out that offers a free special report on my niche. Then, a week later, I begin to condition them to open my emails because they know they’ll receive value by doing so. Another free offer, a special discount code or a special infographic based on what my visitors are most interested in.

It’s not until 7-12 days later before I begin to actively sell, and I do so as passively as possible. Rather than bold, in-your-face offers, I work WITH them by providing valuable resources or tools that I believe will help them or improve their lives in some way.

When subscribers feel that you are a friend who is looking out for them, rather than a marketer whose only interest is in making money, they will respond accordingly. So, don’t be a pushy email marketer – be a professional blogger with a pulse on your market and one who is willing to go the distance for your visitor’s (and potential customers).

Earn their trust and respect.

Step 5: Sell Products or Services

The final step on how to monetize a blog is to sell products and services like no one’s business! This is when you’ll start to make money with your blog and as you do, you’ll see what your visitors are responding to so you can fine-tune your system and begin to tailor both your email campaigns and the content on your blog, around what they are most interested in.

So, those are the simple steps on how to monetize a blog. For the entire report request my free PDF download “Six Figure Blogging” shown below. In the report you’ll discover…

  • The secrets to skyrocketing your blogging income, even if you’re just getting started!
  • The truth about blogging and how you can create highly profitable websites in a matter of minutes!
  • The money making method used by the top bloggers online!
  • Why you should sell high in order to maximize your income, like the top earners!
  • And much more!

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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  1. Great list to guide people to successful blogging! Consistency is a key aspect in most of these steps—and it’s the one I struggle with most. 😉 Content has always been my strongest area, but email marketing just isn’t my favorite although I know it’s one of the best ways to nurture and convert leads. Thanks for the tips!

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