Resistance Will Help Your Personal Development
Personal Development

Resistance Will Help Your Personal Development

Resistance Can Help Your Personal Development as Much as Your Physical Progress

Just One More Rep, Just a Little More Weight…

This technique is common in weight training and other forms of exercise. Adding more weight or More Resistance generally proves to be one key element to physical improvement when it comes to weight training and exercise.

Anyone reading this who knows about such things can already tell I am not a professional athlete, that’s for sure. But I know enough about the subject to know that what I say is true.  Furthermore, I know enough about life, and business to know that these principles apply to those areas as well.

The very things we run away from are the things that tend to make us stronger!

If we apply these principles to our business it might look something like this…

Every day you wake up early before your “regular full-time job” as you try to earn an income online that will eventually replace enough income to enable you to finally go part-time. You face the following obstacles (just to name a few):

  • You send thousands of emails to prospects with no response
  • You go through your Facebook site liking posts and responding to others, but no one will even talk to you
  • The prospect who signed up for your opportunity earlier in the week still has not paid
  • You have payments due to keep this month’s advertising going, but not enough money

It is shaping up to be a bad day, and frankly, this looks just like yesterday. These are all forms of resistance. You have a choice just as with most things in life you have the option to run away, or look at these obstacles as additional weight being added to the bar. This extra weight will make your workout today that much better which will make you stronger tomorrow. The “muscles” in this workout are your heart and your mind.

Here are some ways you can use this opportunity to become better and stronger in life and business…

  • Those emails that got no response will teach you patience. They will also help you learn how to write better emails so that you get a better response tomorrow.
  • That time you spent on Facebook that seems like it was wasted may teach you that simply liking posts is not the best use of your Facebook time. Perhaps you should be trying to build relationships and spending more time in one-on-one conversations
  • As for that prospect that didn’t pay. Well, this may teach you the art of good follow-up so that this will happen less and less in the future
  • Last but not least that horrible budget that we all hate. Those payments that are due will teach you how to develop good financial discipline and budgeting skills.

These are very simplified examples, but I hope you get the picture. Without the resistance these situations put on our lives and our businesses, you will never grow stronger, never learn the valuable lessons we ALL need to learn to become better business people and better people in general.

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To your success,

Bob Swetz

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