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It’s Okay to Share Your Network Marketing Business

Are you passionate about your Network Marketing Business?

I was watching a commercial yesterday on national television. It was for some sort of new makeup that will work miracles on your skin, but I honestly can’t remember the name of it. Anyway, what struck me was at the very end of the commercial a girl was holding the makeup and said “Everyone of my friends is going to own this.”

It would seem sometimes that it’s totally fine to passionately recommend a product that you love to all of your friends, as long as it’s not a network or affiliate marketing product and especially not a network marketing business.

That mentality needs to change and starting today, it’s going to change with me.
I joined My Lead System Pro (MLSP) close to six months ago, and I love it. Let me tell you why from my own perspective:
  • The community of members is amazing. Because MLSP is not an MLM, there is no competition between members. Everyone is willing to jump in and help a fellow member in need, offering their time or even just support, whenever it is needed.
  • The training is second to none. If you are trying to build any business online, you will find everything you need and more in the training section of your back office. This training ranges from mindset to specific actions needed to advertise on any social network using pretty much any method ever developed.
  • The system campaigns are designed for MLSP members to provide value to their friends and prospects. These campaigns can be used anywhere and offer valuable training and information. The best part is that in addition to helping MLSP members enhance their value and brand in the marketplace, the campaigns are also used to capture leads and build a list. I have found these to be invaluable for my list building.
  • The free weekly webinars that are led by industry leaders are just the icing on the cake to top off all of the other benefits of MLSP. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the incredible blog articles that are published almost weekly. These articles go in-depth into topics designed specifically to help online business owners grow and become successful in any business.
You don’t have to take my word for it. Here are 2 resources that disclose pretty much anything you might need to know about this great organization. Just click on the images below for more information…

MLSP Review Blog Post

mlsp review blog

MLSP Video “16 Reasons Why Biz Owners Need MLSP”

16 reasons why mlspSo, now I’m gonna say it…

All of my friends that are trying to build an online business or network marketing business need MLSP. It’s just that simple.

Finally, to make a little sense of my passion, check out my post, Why I Started a Network Marketing Business.


To Your Success,
Bob Swetz

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  1. Excellent information. The weekly webinars are very helpful. I like how you include free resources which is helpful for business people like myself. Lots of good information here.

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