Simple Business Ideas for the Network Marketer
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Simple Business Ideas for the Network Marketer

Here are some simple business ideas you can do from home in your part time.

But first, let’s look at some of the attributes that you should be aware of when selecting the company you will work with…

  • Make sure you choose a reputable company.
    • Sometimes this is difficult to determine, however looking on social media, Google Search, etc. should reveal some information about the company. Don’t be afraid to contact others for a reference.
  • Make sure the business has a good compensation plan.
    • This can be a bit tricky. Some companies offer very high commissions (greater than 90%.) Typically paying this level of commissions will eventually run the company out of business. I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 33%-50% is very good.
  • It is helpful if the company has a pre-built marketing plan for you to follow.
    • This is not a necessity, but makes things much easier, especially for beginners looking for simple business ideas.

Ok, so here are some simple business ideas for you to consider. Remember, this is a very short list and really just touches the surface of what is available in the vast world of online business.

  • Direct Sales
    • Direct sales is just what it sounds like. You become an independent rep for a company and sell their products to the end user. In exchange, you make a commission on each sale. I highly recommend picking a company with a product you use and love yourself. Here are some examples of direct sales companies that my good friends are involved with…
      • Andrea Bunyea sells Plexus products which are primarily designed to help consumers live a healthy lifestyle. Click Here to check out Plexus.
      • My friend Carrie Lumley sells Jamberry products. Jamberry offers a comprehensive line of nail care products. Click Here to check out Jamberry.
  • Professional Services
    • Professional services cover a wide variety of opportunities. These can range from personal finance to business management. I have a good friend Michelle DeGrand who helps people with their student loans. You can offer just about any service you can think of, perhaps graphic design is your thing. If you are looking to offer a service you specialize in, you may want to check out Fiverr, which is an online service marketplace. Click Here to check out Fiverr.
  • Personal & Business Development
    • This type of business can be a bit of a mix between direct sales and professional services. In personal and business development, you will most likely be selling training and development packages that have been compiled by the company you represent. You may also be selling tools and even your own coaching services depending on the company. You will earn a commission on the products you sell or you can charge directly for your own services if you like.
    • This is the niche I have decided to work in. I am an affiliate for offers complete follower and engagement management for Twitter. I use these tools everyday in my business and also sell them to other marketers to do the same. Click Here to check out

As you can imagine, I could fill a book with all the businesses that are available online. My intent here is to give you a few examples of simple business ideas to help you get on the right path to choosing your own niche. It may take some time, but with a little time, effort and research, you will find the right fit.

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To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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    1. Thanks Carla. I was just thinking that some simple business ideas for people who might just be starting their search would be helpful.

  1. Good tips Bob. Everyone will benefit from reading this brief blog! With so many companies out there, research is key!

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