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5 Social Media Branding Tips You Can Use Today

When you market your business, product, or service on social media it’s a good idea to have a well-rounded approach. Social media branding, or your identity on social media, can be enhanced tremendously with an often overlooked, but critical part of a successful social media strategy, simply engaging with your prospects and customers.

Using Engagement To Boost Social Media Branding

Engaging with your prospects and customers not only boosts your brand awareness, but lets them know you value their interests. It shows a real person is taking the time to engage, answer questions, and listen to their opinions.

Here are a few simple tips to help begin engaging with your prospects and customers to enhance your social media branding:

Add a Question to the End of Your Post

At the end of the text on your next social media post, ask your audience a question relating to the nature of the post to engage them. For example, if you post a tip about how to increase your Twitter following, ask a question at the end of the post like, “How many new followers did you add this week?” Asking questions is a call to action for conversation and encourages your audience to respond with relevant comments, thus driving engagement to the post.

Like and Respond to Comments or Mentions

When you post on social media, take some time to go through the comments on your post.  Always make sure to engage with each comment by liking it, or adding your own response. I suppose there will be times that you don’t “like” the comment, but be careful about responding with negative information as that will only tend to diminish your social media branding. Being responsive not only shows your prospect or customer that you care about their interests, but followers of that person will also see your responses. This will create a nice feed that will boost future engagements.

Always Respond to Questions and Messages

In many cases, people will ask questions in a social media post about a product or service you offer. When you see these types of questions respond to them with a thoughtful answer to build trust in your following and show that there is a real person interested in their concerns. Also, make sure to stay current with questions coming into your social media message inbox, and take the time to respond to these messages as quickly as possible. When someone visits your Facebook business page, Facebook will display the average time in which the company responds to messages. Don’t ruin your online reputation by taking too long to respond to pertinent inquiries. Consistently responding in a reasonable time frame will improve your overall response time that page visitors see.

Turn Something Negative into a Positive

As described above, it’s inevitable that you will receive negative opinions or comments from time to time. If it is just a rude comment with no real purpose, don’t engage at all, just ignore it. However, if someone comments or mentions you with a legitimate complaint, respond as professionally as possible. Let them know that you hear what they are saying and that you value their opinion. If it is something you would rather discuss in private, ask them to send you a direct message, so you can address the problem further. Don’t continue a negative conversation on your feed beyond the initial comment. Even if it is a complaint or negative comment, take it as an opportunity to solve a problem and build trust.

Try Having a Little Fun Once In a While

Social media isn’t meant to be formal all the time. Use things like emojis, GIFs, and memes to give your social media branding a personal voice. Be careful to use these things in a proper way and not only will you have more fun on social media, but your customers, friends and prospects will gain some insight as to who you really are. Just don’t force the fun stuff, there is a time and a place for it and it’s something you will need to figure out as you engage more on social media.

Effective social media engagement takes time. Your customers, prospects, and followers are all part of your network and supporters of your social media branding. Invest the time to engage with them, build your brand, create trust, and have some fun.

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To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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