What is Holding You Back
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What is Holding You Back?

What Is Holding You Back From Success?

Have you ever wondered why things in your business just aren’t working out the way you had hoped? 

Is it possible that you just might be the problem? Well, more specifically it might be the way you are viewing yourself, your business and your situation. Allow me to explain…

We all tend to make excuses as to why things aren’t working out the way we want them to. It makes it so much easier to accept our failures.  Here are some common excuses or beliefs that might be holding you back from the success you deserve:

  • I don’t have enough time to do this
  • I don’t have enough money to do this
  • My spouse doesn’t like me doing this
  • My family and friends thinks this is stupid
  • This just isn’t working

Now, let’s just discuss these one at a time and hopefully give you something to think about to help you break away from the things that are holding you back.

I Don’t Have Enough Time 

Most everyone these days is pressed for time. After all, isn’t that a major reason why we are on here trying to make an income online? Maybe it’s not that you don’t have enough time, but just need some help with time management. Check out my article “Are You Too Busy For Network Marketing?

I Don’t Have Enough Money

Here again, money is another big reason why many are working an online business. It is a big motivator. However, there are ways to budget that limited resource so we can stretch our cash as far as possible till things get rolling. If you continue to say you don’t have enough money, you may never get off the starting block.

My Spouse Doesn’t Like This

This can be a tough one. The best advice I can offer here is the same as with any marital stumbling block, communication. Be open with your spouse and talk about it. Also, make sure you share your goals and objectives with your spouse. Include him or her in your dreams for your business and make sure you dream big! Once your spouse understands WHY you are doing this, the day to day activities will make a lot more sense to them.

My Family Thinks This is Stupid

Honestly, it doesn’t much matter what your family or friends think about your online business. This is where your dreams and goals are critical to your online success. You must make sure you are firm in the WHY of your business before you even get started. Write it down and think about it everyday before you even start up your computer. Your dreams and goals are what will keep you going through the rough spots of your business. As long as you remember why you are doing this and keep your eye on the prize, the criticism will seem far less important.

This Just Isn’t Working

Crazy, the more I write, the more I realize that all these excuses have a common theme to combat them…

Excuses Will Hold You Back!

Goals and Dreams Will Keep You Moving Forward! Without goals, the excuses will ALWAYS bring you down and you will never make it off the couch.

Just some things to think about.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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  1. Anything of worth is worth planning for. Nothing ever succeeds without goals and planning. Very good kick in the butt information!

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